The GCP is a community theater. If you would like to try your hand at acting, we would love for you to audition. We welcome actors of all experience levels. Generally, to audition for a regular play, you will be asked to do a “cold reading” which is a small reading directly from the play script.

Occasionally, some directors will ask that you come with a prepared monologue. Check here or in the Scene Magazine in the Thursday edition of Gainesville Sun for the audition announcement.

For musicals, in addition to the cold readings come to the audition prepared to sing 16 measures of a song of your choosing. Please bring sheet music for your song selection. A piano player will be available to accompany you. For musicals there may also be a simple dance audition. Because the nature of community theater we realize that actors come with a wide range of dance ability from two left feet to experienced professionals. GCP choreographers are experts at making everyone look like naturals dancing on stage.

At the GCP we see dozens of new faces at every audition. Some actors come to audition for specific rolls they have been dying to play all their lives. Some actors are happy just to be cast in any part of a show. We welcome all! Often newcomers are offered smaller roles and chorus parts giving them and us the opportunity to “get to know each other.”

Upcoming Auditions

Springtime with the Bard
An evening of Scenes from Shakespeare

GCP’S Dark Night Productions Presents scenes of tender love and lots of laughter from William Shakespeare as brought to you by a merry band of GCP players!

Please Note: For this show, the director is requesting the following:

Audition requirements: Please bring 32 bars of a sheet music with you to the audition, preferably a song from a rock musical or something that fits the genre of the musical. An accompanist will be provided to play your selection. No a cappella auditions will be allowed. Please show up early to the audition to fill out the audition sheet. Wear clothing and shoes that are capable of being moving in as there will be short dance audition. No bare feet will be allowed.

Auditions for the ‘dark night’ production of “Springtime with the Bard” will be Saturday and Sunday evenings, February 27th and 28th, at 7 p.m.  NOTE: The audition evenings are different from the usual mainstage GCP auditions so as not to conflict with mainstage production rehearsals.  There will be no callback auditions per se.  If we need to see more of you before making a final decision, we will have you read something additional at the end of the evening.

This ensemble production, comprised of multiple scenes from Shakespeare, will run for 5 performances only, from Thursday, April 28th, through Sunday, May 1st.  Which scenes are done depends on the talent we see!

Our goal is to cast 5—6 men and 5—6 women of varying types and ages. Ideally, each cast member will have at least one major role in a scene and 2 or 3 other more minor roles or sonnets to perform.

Please bring a speech or sonnet of Shakespeare’s to READ as your audition piece (no need to memorize).  We will also provide some speeches to choose from, if you do not provide your own, but strongly suggest that choosing your own speech gives you time to practice. We will be looking for ease with the language, understanding of the text, enunciation and volume.

Any questions, call Jan Cohen, the director, at 352-328-1656.

Audition Dates
At The Vam York Theater
Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Show Dates
April 28 – May 1, 2016